Kaj je posebna odlika Embaga?

S profesionalnostjo in učinkovitostjo dosežemo, da bo tudi embalaža prispevala k boljši prodaji vaših izdelkov.

Does Embago also print packaging?

Although we are not a printing firm, we can help you choose the right print shop, one specialized in packaging. We also advise you about the design at early stages, in order to avoid unnecessary printing costs.

How do I obtain a barcode for my product?

Quite easily. You obtain an identification number from the GS1 organization and we then generate a barcode out of it.

Our product is placed on shelves together with bigger and better known brands. How can we make it stand out?

Competing products are certainly a critical sales factor. We help you analyse the retail environment and develop a packaging design that will directly address the buyers’ needs and emphasize all the advantages of your product, which is the best way to sell any item.

Can you help me with the text for the packaging?

Certainly. Text is crucial, and we help you clarify it and present your product in a way that will convince buyers to make a purchase.

What if we haven’t got a logo yet?

Embago can design a trademark logotype and/or identity to be used on packaging and in other marketing materials.

How does the design process take place?

At Embago, design takes place in cooperation with the customer. We take account of your target buyers, retailing and competition, trademark, product function, budget and time framework together with your wishes and ideas, thus achieving a design that will fulfil the set objectives.

Why choose Embago?

We work closely together with you, consider your wishes, and with our experience and knowledge focus on producing a quality design at an affordable price. We can also advise you on the quality control of packaging artwork.

Does Embago work on development of packaging from start to end?

We take part in all phases of the development of packaging. If necessary, we engage our partners in specific areas, such as industrial designers, printers, and so on, and then work with them till the end of the project.

Does Embago take part in other phases of the development of packaging?

Certainly, and this all-inclusive process is the best approach, as it intertwines knowledge and contents.

What can Embago offer?

Graphic design for all types of packaging.

Are you ready for new packaging?