About us

Our experience working with Embago is great. They are responsive and reliable. They made a great packaging design for our products.

Zvonko Mrhar, Innet Media d.o.o.

After collecting offers, we decided to cooperate with Embago on the basis of references, an introductory interview and a favorable price. We were not sorry. It was professional, very dedicated by Damjan and listening to our comments. The result was excellent and we are happy and proud to show the resulting packaging.

My collaboration with Embago has been extremely constructive and productive from the very beginning. Damjan is an extremely precise, creative and professional person who gives me the right description and vision for each project that he wants to realize. My job as a photographer, however, is to transfer his visualization into photography. It is always a pleasure to work with him.

Nina Žnideršič, photographer

Last year, together with Embago, we redesigned our existing sample collection box and poured a fresh graphic image into it. It was easy to work with Damjan, as he has an excellent understanding of the printing industry and also the packaging itself. He immediately understood what we wanted from him and quickly prepared a couple of ideas for us, with which we also found a common thread. The sample collection box quickly got a fresh look, we included all the novelties and presented them in an original way through the design. We definitely recommend Damjan to all our partners who do not yet have their own designer.

Embago = Empathy. They complied with all my wishes, but still exceeded all expectations. Thanks Embago. I remain loyal because I appreciate the quality of the final product.

Mojca Rudolf

Embago’s work is conscientious, high-quality and up-to-date. Attractive design and printing, and above all kindness and professional support.

Dunja Mušič, Historical Archives of Ljubljana

With Embago, you are in good hands

Following basic principles, we aim to provide the best possible design of packaging to customers.

  • We prepare designs that enable sales to increase

  • We maintain friendly and productive relationships with our customers

  • We connect you to the packaging producer and take care of packaging developement process from the beginning to the end

  • We work hand-in-hand with our customers

  • We respect the wishes of our customers and advise them when needed

  • After considering all the relevant factors, we produce packaging with a convincing image

Our vision is to become the biggest company in Slovenia that is specialized in graphic design for packaging, achieving this because:

  • We are experienced

  • We have knowledge

  • We have enthusiasm and passion

  • We always complete the projects we have started

  • We respect deadlines

  • We take each new project as a new challenge

Our story

Designing packaging is an interesting task that inspires passion in our work. It is demanding, too. Agencies, print shops and design studios offer packaging design as one of their services, but specialized knowledge, necessary for packaging artwork, is more the exception than rule in such generalized firms.

Embago was thus founded precisely with the aim of filling a gap which existed within the sphere of graphic design, that of specializing in designing packaging.

Embago is the company for the graphic design of packaging. Our job is designing packaging for all types of products and all types of materials: from cardboard to plastic film, aluminium to glass.

More than ten years of experience in the packaging sector enable us to focus on our customers and their needs for suitable packaging.
Together with the customer we make a detailed study of the market, competition, retail environment and trademark, based on which the new design of the packaging will be created. We get as close to the customer’s wishes as possible, and so find the best viable solution within the budget planned.

Our competitive slogan is: With us, you get the most for your money!

Our mission is: after considering all the related factors, to provide the best possible packaging design to our customers.

Our vision is: to become the biggest company in Slovenia that is specialized in graphic design for packaging.

Our customers are companies which want new or renewed packaging with designs that enable best-selling results for their products. At a time of rationalizing costs, a good design at a reasonable price is an obvious choice to enhance sales. Moreover, a well-considered design can save a lot of money in the printing process. And thus, our customers know that Embago carefully considers the technological platforms used in printing in order to obtain long-term optimizations in the purchase price of packaging. Embago can help you save money.


Design is thinking made visual.

Saul Bass

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