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We take care that your packaging really looks good.

The development of packaging is a complex process, but it is also true that everything is easier with a good partner. A partner who is passionate about design. A partner who has more than ten years of experiences in the packaging sector.

Do not leave the appearance of the packaging to chance, but make sure that it convinces the customer about the quality of its content and fosters confidence in the brand and in your company.


Designs that sell

With every product the packaging represents the first contact with the customer, and attractive packaging will convince a person to reach for an otherwise unknown item. Design must fulfil its role on the store shelf, so the design of packaging is always a well-considered process. Here are some of our designs.



What do we do?

Embago is a company for the graphic design of packaging. Our job is designing packaging for all types of products and all types of materials: from cardboard to plastic film, aluminium to glass. Our rich experience and deep knowledge enable us to focus on our customers and their needs with regard to the most suitable packaging.

We connect you to the packaging producer and take care of packaging developement process from the beginning to the end.

  • Labels

  • Plastic tubes

  • Aseptic composite materials

  • PP and PE containers

  • Films (made of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, PVC, …)

  • Boxes (GC1, GC2, and other cardboards)

  • Paper bags of all sizes

  • Paper for wrapping cans

  • Metal tubes

  • Aluminium foil

  • Glass

  • Other materials and forms


Packaging can be theatre,

it can create a story.

Steve Jobs

Are you ready for new packaging?